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Hey there, here we are Deep & Manthankumar 🏄🏽
We introduce “Nocodepeople” a living directory of thriving makers who build things without code and runs startup & business successfully.
Nocodepeople A global directory of nocode leading people
The global directory of leading nocode people
We help to give exposure to nocode makers across the world to gain a competitive advantage.
Connect and learn from minded folks who leading the movement

Our mission is to provide space to find an outstanding “Nocode” makers to follow, look for a mentor, make new friends, or discover talented individuals to join teams.

Connect with leading nocode makers on “No Code People”, that will give you the direction you need to grow your nocode career from zero to hero.

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Nocodepeople Let's start build products without code
We encourage & empower people to build things without writing any code, as well as spread awareness of how they spend their time making unique products & features that aren't yet able to be built without code.
Let’s share with us what you are building using nocode tools

We would love to share your work & projects on our social media handle. Hurry, share now and inspire “Nocode” Community.

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We believe “Nocodepeople” will give much-needed recognition and place to come together for all fellow makers who build things without code.
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